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At Games On Wheels USA, we have the largest collection of the greatest video games!  We have games that are appropriate to all ages and are always happy to recommend games for your party.

You always have a say over what games are played at your party. Let our Game Coach know what ratings you are okay with, and we'll make only appropriate games available for your guests.

Games On Wheels USA has an expansive collection of the latest and greatest games!  With over 250 game titles, we have favorites like Madden Football, MLB Baseball, FIFA Soccer, Minecraft, Just Dance and more! With dozens of sports titles, combat games like Halo and Call Of Duty, action games like MarioKart, Super Mario Brothers and so many more, we've got games for every age range, style and taste!

Fortnite birthday party in Staten Island New York City

Games On Wheels is proud to offer Online Gaming!  Have a Fortnite Party! (Online gaming requires an additional fee of $49.00 and limits party size to 10 guests, as Fortnite and other online games are single-player games and will utilize two of our game stations.  See our policy page for more on online gaming.)


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